What mazzawoo can do

mazzawoo – how do you do?

How do you tell people about the good work you do?

How do you share information about your work with:

  • the people who use your services?
  • the people who support your services?
  • the people who promote your services?

How do you know what information to share? How do you gather it? Analyse it? Present it?

If you need support to spread the word about what you do, mazzawoo can help you.

mazzawoo can help you to:

  • monitor and evaluate the services you provide
  • find out what your customers and services users think about what you provide, and what else they need
  • analyse this knowledge and present it in meaningful and interesting ways
  • provide this knowledge in different formats and different channels, to a wider audience

Examples of what mazzawoo can produce for you:

  • Data analysis reports.
  • Annual reports.
  • Web, print and broadcast media copy.
  • Newsletters, flyers and leaflets.
  • Social media guidance.
  • Events co-ordination.
  • Membership services.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys.

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